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Pomegranate Mint Bottle
Pineapple Ginger Bottle
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Raya is a sparkling alcoholic beverage made with our proprietary botanical spirit, infused with native fruits & herbs, and blended with hydrating alkaline water 

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100 CAL


Citrus Spice

5% VV • 99 CAL • 330 ML

Everything you think you know about citrus and spice, this is not that. A discerning palate will identify our unexpected clutch of spices led by star anise, which a beverage enthusiast will clutch the seltzer to stay invigorated.

A bottle of Citrus Spice on a wooden board with limes, oranges and star anise around it
A bottle of Pomegranate Mint on a wooden board with pomegranates and mint around it

Pomegranate Mint

5% VV • 99 CAL • 330 ML

Equally fruity and herby, our pom mint, as it’s commonly abbreviated to, keeps the tension rife between the two star ingredients, never completely veering to either side.

Pineapple Ginger

5% VV • 99 CAL • 330 ML

This crowd pleaser refreshes and teleports you to tropical days under a blazing sun. If we ran a congeniality contest, our pineapple ginger would probably emerge as the winner.

A bottle of Pineapple Ginger on a wooden board with pineapples and ginger around it.

The Craft


We use a technique like craft gin to make our proprietary botanical spirit. Our proprietary botanical spirit is distilled with four native Goan herbs

Illustration of a Distillery

Flavors are then infused - ours are chosen in collaboration with Chef Ryan Semelhago from Zodo Kitchen. The flavor pairings add a certain sophistication and nuance to the drink

Post infusion - we blend with alkaline water - a compound known to neutralize excessive acidity and toxins in our body, while providing a world of hydration



Origin Story

Raya owes its name to the small, scenic Goan village of Raia, where it's blended and bottled. The beverage captures the spirit of this lesser seen side of Goa -of effortless enjoyment that defines every moment. While it joins Goa's long-standing list of renowned craft Indian alcoholic beverages, Raya enjoys the distinction of being the state's first hard seltzer.

Map of Goa showing Raia location
Image of the founder Jeet Khandwala

The Botanist

Raya is a drink for modern professionals, just like the brand's founder Jeet Khandwala. In a social scenario, Jeet assumes his position behind the bar, from where he supplies the life of the party with his bold, nuanced and delicious concoctions. Raya is an expression of his passion to craft complex and compelling beverages. 


Raya is premium yet approachable, sophisticated yet youthful; a beverage that is as refreshing as a sparkling water, with an edge - that can be paired with any occasion or conversation.


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